Monday, July 21, 2014

Battle Abbey

William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings

One of the points in our timeline that we did with Classical Conversations. The year was 1066 and the battle was for the English throne. In January of 1066 Edward the Confessor the king of England had died without an heir. Harold Godwinsson was appointed King. William Duke of Normandy claimed that he had the right to the throne based on a treaty with Edward the Confessor.

It was here on 14 October 1066 that King Harold after a forced march from York and the victory over the Vikings battled William who had sailed with his men from Normandy. We had just been in York a few weeks ago and we though of the drive we had and how the men had been forced to march that distance and then fight another battle.

We arrived at Battle Abbey in the morning. We saw a short video which gave us an overview of what happened here in 1066. We also got the audio tour and had ours set to the kids tour so we could hear what they were hearing including the warnings to be careful about stray arrows.

We walked along the battle field and had an excellent view of the abbey and buildings.

The abbey was built here as penance for the bloodshed or maybe a memorial to the end and a symbol of Norman triumph.

"St. Benedict and Monasticism" Another point in our timeline. This was a Benedictine abbey until the suppression of the monasteries under King Henry VIII.

We were able to walk through the abbey and see the old quarters where the monks lived. It was common that the second son would become a monk.

The high altar was in the abbey church was at the very spot where Harold fell.

We learned that most places have a Discovery Centre which is a fun place for kids. It might just be a room but it is fun to dress up.

He is ready for battle. Not sure which side he is fight on.

There always have to be a princess that needs to be rescued. This is a very cute princess.

It was fun to take some photos of the kids while we wandered around. I thought this was a very cute photo of Miss K.

This is the view we enjoyed while we were eating our lunch.

It was a fun day and we did learn a bit of history.

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  1. Battle is a fascinating place. At the weekend closest to 14th October, each year, they have a re-enactment of the battle. We went a couple of years ago and my children still have strong feelings about who they think should have won!

  2. great spot! Bob is looking so tall!

  3. The kids have both gotten so BIG; I can't believe it!



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