Monday, July 28, 2014

Snip, Snip - Building Scissor Skils

I will say that Miss K does have scissor skills when it comes to cutting hair. She has cut her own hair about two or three times. Scissor skills seem to be one of those skills that you want the child to learn but there is also the danger associated with learning. That is what to cut and what not to cut. I think we have learned that rule.

When we began scissor skills, we used loop scissors. I was able to find them at a local teacher's store. Loop scissors open automatically so the child doesn't need to open but rather just cut. We have some like this.

It has taken some time to build the finger strength for cutting. There are various pinching and squeezing activities that will help build the strength. Miss K also has the challenge of her stubby fingers.

One thing that I bought that has really helped is Kumon's My First Book of Cutting. You could probably find things to cut out and use but this book gives about 35 pages that are a bit thicker in weight and make it easier to cut.

This is her serious cutting face. I think she was working hard on that page.

She did a great job. She looks like she is ready to eat it.

I have given her one or two pages each week to cut and practice.  She discovered that there is a certificate at the end of the book so she is working to finish the book and get the certificate.

She cut these the other week and I was impressed with her cutting.

The scissors that she has been using are Melissa and Doug and they are supposed to only cut paper. I tried it on my hair and they didn't cut my hair. These are a good but I think she is moving to being ready for a bit more regular scissors.

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  1. Hmm-we could do with scissors that only cut paper. Our youngest recently made a fair impression on his hair.



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