Thursday, July 31, 2014

N is for Nature Shelf

I have a nature shelf. I have looked at other people's nature tables, shelves, corners. I have pinned a number of them on Pinterest.

While on holiday, I picked up some more shells. I found some shells among the pebbles on the beach.

The shells were the inspiration to start a nature table, shelf, corner or what it really is here a nature windowsill. I looked around for things that I could add.

A book about shells, one of the nature books Along the Seashore, and magnifying glass, and my whiteboard frame.

Miss K had the magnifying glass and a shell and told me she was being a scientist. That is the exact purpose of the nature table to encourage exploring nature.

I love the colours of the books and the way it all creates a bright learning area.

It makes me smile when I see it. There are reminders of holiday, bits of colour, and most of all something to explore plus the fact that after pinning and pondering, I did it. I created a nature shelf. I also did it with things we had in the house.

I have grabbed Along the Seashore a few times and used that for Miss K's copy work.

Now I will have to think about what is next for the nature shelf. Autumn does give opportunity for leaves so that might be the theme.

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  1. That looks like a very inviting place!!T

  2. We always end up collecting hundreds of conkers (horse chestnuts) in the autumn.

  3. Very nice! It reminds me of my beach mantle but with the addition of books. :)

  4. I keep forgetting to leave a comment telling you that I love your Blog Button! I've thought it for a while; I'm sorry I'm slow!



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