Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 - 2015 Curriculum

This is my 6th year to homeschool. I think I have come to the point of finding things that we like and that work for us.

We will continue with Mystery of History. This is our 3rd year using MOH and we are on volume III. We write a review card for each lesson and we review the dates to learn. Sometimes we add some extra read aloud books.

Geography - We will be using Memoria Press' Geography II. This covers Sub-Saharan Africa (I have a lot to learn there), Asia, Oceania and the Americas. There are 29 lessons in this so we will do one a week. J says that Geography is his favourite subject so I might see what I can do to deepen our study. One thing would be to do more map tracing.

J is in 7th grade or Year 8. I realise that we have just two years till American high school so we need to work on working independently.

Math - This year he will be in Saxon Math 87. He has used Saxon all along and it has been fine for him. I also have Math Detective which I will have him do just for fun. This is something that he can do on his own.

Science - we are making a jump this year to BJU Science I want to give him some time to adjust to that as we will be using that for high school.

Grammar - we will dust off Analytical Grammar and do Season 2. I am also adding some Easy Grammar just to make sure things are covered.

Writing will be a combination of Write Shop and Memoria Press Classical Composition.

Bible - I have an Explore Bible Study book and I have not yet decided if I will give it to him to do or do it together. I have the book on Wisdom and there is part of me that wants to do that together but I might just give it to him.

Miss K is working on a 2nd grade level or so.

Reading/Phonics - we will continue working on this using Classic Phonics, Victory Drill, Sight Words and other resources. She will also work through Explode the Code.

Math again is a combination of Math-U-See, Horizon and Saxon. This is her challenge and so going at it from different methods along with lots of drill is what she needs.

Handwriting - I will continue with Handwriting without Tears and copy work. Some of that is just pages I give her.

I did get some Evan-Moor workbooks as I have found that she enjoys workbooks. It is something concrete that she can see and do.

Those are the basics that we will use this year. I am sure we will add some other things in just for fun.


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