Saturday, August 23, 2014


We decided to go on a hike today. My children enjoy doing new things and places but I have also learned that they like the familiar. When J and I looked at the map to decided where to hike he picked the area where we had stayed in May.

We have a very detailed map of the park that includes the public footpaths. A hike to J means going straight up a mountain. His family is not always able to hike that way. He found a path that went up a mountain. We decided to try it.

There are footpaths all around. There are gates and steps to get over. These are designed to keep the farm animals from wandering from one field to another.

Last night Miss K did not want to go. She kept asking if she could stay home or stay in the car. Then this morning on the way she said, "I love hiking." I did say I was going to remember that. She did ask for a piggyback ride but did quite a bit of hiking as well. Here she is climbing over the fence. She enjoyed that climbing.

The weather has been cool and a bit rainy but today was beautiful. It was warm and didn't rain. The feels were so green.

It was a hike up the hill but it was gradual enough that we didn't notice that we were going up the hill.

We walked along amid the sheep in the fields. Miss K greeted them as we passed, "hello, Shaun".  I think she might have watched too many episodes of Shaun the Sheep.

Miss K did get a bit of a piggyback ride. Her brother does love her and will give her a ride as long as she doesn't hold on too tight.

We saw a number of fields of heather. It took Miss K a bit of time to understand that Heather can be a person and it can be a flower.

It was a nice hike. We didn't quite make it to the top but that was fine. We did get a nice view of the valley and get some good exercise.

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  1. Pretty amazing. Learning outdoors is the best.

  2. There is no such thing as too much Shaun the Sheep. :) I love the photo of Bob and Miss K together.



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