Saturday, August 9, 2014

O is for Orange

the colour and not the citrus fruit. Yes, I did have a difficult time coming up with an O word maybe it was because I was sick earlier this week or maybe because I was traveling and had jet lag. I did think and decided orange. A few years ago when we lived in Asia I was doing a photo project of photos based on colours.

Here is a photo from that project. I really can't tell you much about the photo other than it was Asia in 2007.

I thought I had more orange photos from then but they aren't in the folder so I looked through my current photos from some orange things and found these photos.

Orange or yellowish orange leaves on a tree. I know a bit of an autumn photo. I will say that when we stepped out of the airport this week here I thought it was cool and I already had a sweater/jumper on.

I couldn't decide if these were orange or red but then I decided that they are a mix of yellow and red and since we all learned in elementary school that makes orange, I am including it. Plus I needed something that was not autumn.

The cake from my dad's 70th birthday party. I can't believe that was three years ago. It was just a family event which is the way we like to celebrate. My dad loves to create in his shop and does beautiful wood turnings.

Here is the token orange pumpkin with it comes the memory of a fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch with friends. We picked some pumpkins in the field and then raced rubber ducks and got lost and found in the corn maze. It might just be a pumpkin but there are memories including the delicious baked stuffed pumpkin that I made. That was so delicious, I wonder when I can buy a pumpkin here to make it again.

It might be fun to start my colour photo collection again. Anyone interested in joining me in a colour theme post?


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