Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our School Space

We don't have a room that is school only. Thankfully we have a large dining room and so we use that for school.

There is a nice wall as you walk into the room the other walls have the radiator and are split to smaller walls where the fireplace would have been. We have a shelf from Ikea there. I like having the side of the bookcase for our memory verse for the week.

The apples have some of our goals for this school year. I am not sure why the turkey got up there but he is staying there for now.

There is the shelf full of books. I have the books somewhat organised. The baskets on top hold my supplies, some extra supplies for the kids and some activities.

We have a nice cabinet that has some of the larger books that we are using this year as well as storage space below. In there I have some of the things I use for Miss K's therapy, a few puzzles, and other manipulatives (manipulatives sounds so much better than saying junk or stuff). I love having he CD/iPod player right here where we can play a CD when we need to or just have some classical music in the background.

We have two bookshelves in the living room that are filled with books.

This little cart sits just inside the door and holds our study buddies, timeline cards, and brain breaks. The drawer has extra pencils. J sits near this so the shelf has some of his books. We continue to use our LL Beans bags for books.

We have our nature shelf on the window sill. The weather has been cool and it doesn't feel much like beach weather. Maybe it is time to change it.

Our walls are all an off-white. We discovered it is difficult to hang things We needed some colour and so I made a banner from an old book. I might start making banners so I can change the look.

That is our school area. It works and gives us space for learning.

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  1. Hi Beth, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I lived in Asia, too, for six and a half years. I'll look forward to getting to know you through your blog!

  2. Nice to read your blog? May I ask what a brain break entails?

  3. Hi Beth! I love your schoolroom. I have that same Ikea bookshelf. Ours is positioned so that I can't use the side as cleverly as you did though. Love all the ideas here.



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