Friday, August 29, 2014

R is for Random Facts

It is Friday and I have had a difficult time coming up with a topic for R. You would not really think that R would be that difficult. I asked the children for suggestions and they gave me words like radio, roller skating, roller blading, race car which was really not much help. Then this morning I came up with a topic, random facts. So here are some random facts about me.

1. My parents have had the same phone number all my life. They moved once but kept the same phone number.  Okay, the area code changed but the number is still the same.

2. Phonology was the one grad school class that I really did not enjoy. It is probably the one course that I use the most now as I work with my daughter and speech.

3. I have a pearl lady in Hong Kong -- Sandra at the Jade Market is where I buy my pearls and other jewellery. I have a necklace that recently broke. I saved all the beads dreaming of when I can go back and get it repaired.

4. Of the five apartments in Asia only 1 had the refrigerator in the kitchen. The rest it was in the dining room.

5. I have never been south of the equator. Maybe I should check and make sure the place I went to in Indonesia was north of the equator.

6. I have been through a number of earthquakes in Taiwan. The 9-21 earthquake was the biggest.

7. I still have a baby tooth. There is no permanent tooth so the baby tooth has stayed there.

8. I won a prize for growing the most unusual shaped pumpkin when I was in elementary school. I grew it is a frame. That was from the FFA - Future Farmers of America. That makes me laugh as now I would much rather live in the city.

9. Along the line of prizes I won -- I won a speech contest in high school for humorous speech, 2nd place that time.

10. I once sang at the Ritz in Taipei. Okay, so it was karaoke and as I was a foreigner they wanted me to do it. The things they get foreigners to do.

That is about all the random thoughts I have. I need to go and clean the house and cook dinner.

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