Friday, September 26, 2014

Celebrating 11 Years

11 Years Ago

Eleven years ago we said, "I do." We knew we wanted to spend the rest of lives together but we didn't know what all that would mean. Thankfully God knew all the twists and turns. God is faithful and we can trust him.

This past year has been a year of waiting as we spent a large part of the year waiting for our visa for the UK. Sometimes marriage is about waiting. We have seen God's faithfulness in the waiting.

Eleven years later I am thankful for my husband, his leadership, his love, and his faithfulness. Looking forward to more years together.

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  1. It seems like just yesterday you posted that picture and wrote 10 years. Happy Anniversary, Beth! This year has just flown by. I am so happy to see your family settled and learning so much about England and exploring and serving. May the Lord bless you and strengthen your bond and bring you joy as you both serve Him.

  2. We, too, were married 11 years ago and adopted our daughter almost 6 years ago. We have a lot in common, it seems.



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