Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week in Review - 12 September 2014

The goal for the week was get home, unpack, put things away, begin to get into the autumn routine, and do a bit of school. I love the flexibility of homeschool.

We traveled Monday, saying good-bye to Switzerland. I can add a new country to our layover list -- Denmark.

We had French hot dogs for lunch. Years ago I used to travel to Singapore often to visit friends and one of the things we enjoyed doing was buying Danish hot dogs from a kiosk on Orchard Road. The hot dog was stuck down in the bread.

In the airport they had a place selling these but there they called them French hot dogs. So are these French or Danish? I don't know but I do know that they are good. I will give you a time that European mustard is strong.

It was great to be home.

Tuesday began the crazy terrific day. I am going to Bible study at church. I am excited to be part of this group and dig deep into I Peter. Miss K goes with me and sits at a table with some other kids. If I am lucky, she will do a page or two of school work. J stays home with a list of things to do though that will change next week in that he will have a morning flute lesson. The flute teacher's house is on our way to church.

Then at 4:00 Miss K goes back to church for kids club. I stay and visit with the other mums. Before we get home J is beginning his piano lesson and we get home in time for Miss K to get her short lesson. Then it is time for tea/dinner. In two weeks our international Bible study will begin so at 7:30 it will be back to church.

Walking to church three times in a day will give me some good exercise. I decided to just put everything in one day and have one crazy day.

So this week we didn't do much school on Tuesday. I will have to decide what can get done on Tuesdays in the coming weeks.

Wednesday was back to the books.

Thursday was back to the books and an outing. I had seen an email about Heritage Open Days and discovered that Endcliffe Hall which was not far from us was open from 11:00 - 14:00. I read a bit about it online and decided to make an outing of it.

I think this was a case of a good tour guide makes the difference. You know one that weaves exciting stories together and tells you interesting facts in the story. That was not the tour guide we had. It was still interesting to get a bit of local history. 

Friday again we got the books out. We did some history. J finished writing his narrative on The Red Rose. I am loving the Classical Composition books. 

That wraps up our week. We have another outing planned for the Heritage Open Days and I will write about both of those. 

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  1. What a fantastic week. Your trip has sounded wonderful. What a great experience.I love local field trips, too.

  2. I must say, you are brave. A Tuesday like that would do me in. Being within walking distance of the church helps a lot I'm sure.

    Miss K's hair is beautiful and full of body and I love the feminine dresses you pick out. I found some nice ones recently at area thrift stores and it just makes me smile to see my girls in all that feminine loveliness and sweetness. A time may come when they aren't interested in dresses so I am savoring these years.

    Always enjoy reading your updates and thank you for your prayers.

    1. I love the Lands End dresses that I find at the thrift store for her. They seem to work the best for her.

  3. I'm enjoying your posts. Penny and I are learning about England right now as we learn a little background about English history and law for our American government class. You help bring England to life, as well as the other countries you have traveled to. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's always good to be home but how lucky you are to be able to travel! I love homeschooling but some days we are everywhere but HOME! Those days make me long for days having no where to do! Thanks for stopping by my blog Beth.



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