Saturday, September 13, 2014

T is for Taipei

It is Saturday evening and I am just now deciding on my topic for T. It is not that T is a difficult letter. I think it was a combination of recovering from traveling and needing time to think about what to write and not having inspiration. 

T is for Taipei

My first visit to Taipei was April 16, 1991. You can do the math and realise that was a number of years ago. I am not telling you how old I was. When I arrived, I was only staying for 60 day. I didn't realise how much my life was changed by that trip and how many years I would actually live there.  I wrote a bit about that here is My Asia Journey Part 1. I do need to write the other parts to this story. That will have to wait.

It was the first time I really lived in a city -- taxis, buses. I walked to work. I ate lunch out often -- Wendys, or the cafeteria at the bank (Chinese cafeteria food) and Pizza Hut once in a while.

I lived there for about 9 years. I hold the record in our family for the person that lived there the longest.

The city did change from when I first lived there till I moved. The MTR made it much easier to get around the city. I did have a car for a few of the years that I lived there. They drive the same as the US. 

I made some wonderful friends while living there. It is fun to connect and see them now. One friend was in England the other week and we were able to get together. Another friend we met in Switzerland. 

Taipei holds many memories for me.


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  1. Wasn't Miss K born there? :) That is the most important thing about Taipei, in my opinion! :)



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