Sunday, November 30, 2014

November's Project

I have had a project hanging over my head. Something that needed to be finished but it just wasn't happening. It wasn't that it was difficult. It might have been a bit time consuming. So at the beginning of November I decided that I was going to take 15 minutes a day and sew binding on a stack of quilts that I had machine quilted (meaning someone else quilted them on the machine) and I needed to sew the binding on so they would be finished.

I knew that this was an easy project to begin and stop. I decided to make it a priority for November and see what I could get done. I mentioned my project here.

The sailboats was the first one I finished. I had already finished about half of the binding so it didn't take me long to finish this one.

Then I worked on what I have called Bright & Bold. I have no idea where I bought the fabrics. It must have been half yard pieces or maybe even a yard. This is the 2nd quilt that I made with these fabrics. I wanted to be able to see the large print. For me one of the hardest parts of making a quilt is deciding on the pattern and making those first few cuts.

as he leads is joy

I sewed some big rick rack along a few of the seams just to give something different and to break up the lines. That quilt took be about five days to sew the binding on. I didn't have enough of the backing so I ended up cutting stripes of the fabric and using that so the binding is all the different fabrics.

I have always liked Amy Butler's fabrics. This was another fat quarter bundle and again it was big prints and I didn't want to lose that look by cutting it into small pieces. It is just simple squares.

as he leads is joy quilts

I wanted to make a coin quilt. This was a charm pack. I have to say that it is amazing what you can do with a charm pack. It is a cheap way to get certain fabrics when you can't afford a fat quarter bundle. I am not sure what I am going to do with this quilt. It looks like a nice baby girl quilt. Too bad the latest baby was a nephew. I guess I will just need to give it to the next baby girl that I know.

I ended up piecing the back. I think just because I had some extra squares.

I finished those four quilts and then I began the binding on this quilt. This is about a single bed size so it is larger than the others. I got about 1/4 finished this month.

These quilts are mainly lap size and just joined the pile of quilts in the living room. So if you come to visit on a cold winter evening, you can curl up with a quilt and I will offer you a nice hot drink.

I want to finish the red and yellow but I am not going to keep this as a project in December. I do have an idea of another 15 minute project for January. You will have to wait till then to find out what January's 15 minute project will be.

Do you have a project that you can work on for 15 minutes a day and make some progress on finishing it?

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  1. All look lovely, Beth. You were very disciplined! It's definitely quilt weather here.



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