Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Patterning and Sequencing Manipulatives

I have recently been adding more patterning and sequencing activities into our math time. Both of these skills are foundational for math. Patterning helps you understand what comes next, to fill in the missing information and requires being able to make predictions.

I have sequencing bones. We have been using them recently. At first I thought Miss K would only be able to do it if it the question mark was at the end but she has been able to do some of them in the middle.

I don't remember where I found these. They are marked EdTech which I have found online here in the UK but I bought mine in the US.

One of the things we enjoy is the Discovery Toys Bugs. I am guessing that I found this at a thrift shop. There are bugs and then cards with different activities to do some of which are patterning.

She found the yellow beetle.

We also have a bead sequence activity. This requires both the sequencing and patterning as well using some fine motor skills to get the beads on the rods.

She was doing a good job. There is one part that is a bit difficult, one of the beads is a half bead and you are to put two of those together to make a round bead.

We have sequencing story cards and will use those some as well.

Patterns are all around and so teaching to observe and create patterns is a good skill.

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