Thursday, April 9, 2015

Living Overseas - Transportation

Transportation (noun) the act of transporting. Getting from one place to another. 

How do we get around? 

The cheapest way is walk. I was going to say it is also the easiest but considering that we live in an area with lots of hills you are either walking uphill or downhill and sometimes that is not easy. I do think that overall we do more walking here than when we lived in the USA. We walk to the shops. We walk to church. We walk to the park. 

The bus is another option - I don't think I have ever ridden a public bus in the USA. Riding the bus is a great way to get to the city centre or places in between. We still laugh about the time that we rode the bus all the way to the terminal station. It was a long ride. We have a bus stop just around the corner. It does cost money and so we have to decide how many are going and where we would park and how much parking would cost to decide if it is a good deal to take the bus or to drive. It is nice to have the option of the bus as we only have one car.

We have a car so driving is an option. I know the question everyone in the USA wants to know, "how is it driving on the wrong side of the road?" This is not the first time I have driven on the left. I did it in Thailand and then in Hong Kong. It is the left side of the road but really the roads are narrow and with cars parked on the side it is often driving in the middle of the road. I remind myself that I, as the driver, am in the middle of the road. Most of the cars here are manual and smaller than the cars in the USA. I can't imagine driving our van here. I have adjusted to our smaller car and it is large enough. It actually seats seven. We are in the process of getting our driver's licences.

There is the option of taking a taxi. I have only done it a few times to get to the train station.

If you are going longer distances, there is the option of the train.

We do not have a subway/underground/MTR/MRT in our city.

These are our experiences based on who we are and where we live. Experiences may vary in other locations and for other people.

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  1. Looks like a pretty day. What a blessing to have those rolling hills and parks so close to you. Thank you for the educational posts, Beth. The flowers look really pretty. Our tulips and crocuses are late this year due to a cold early spring. The tulips still have a ways to go and I wonder if they will come up entirely. The yards are rain soaked right now.

  2. When I lived in Japan I did lots of walking and biking, taking buses and trains. For several years I never even had a car as an option. But, it was okay. Compared to the U.S. things weren't as far apart. And people anticipated pedestrians and knew how to avoid hitting them. In many ways I felt safer as a pedestrian there, even though it was more crowded. It sure is a cheap way to workout.



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