Thursday, April 16, 2015

Therapy Thursday #10

Welcome to another week of Therapy Thursday. This is a place where we share ideas, resources and activities that we have done relating to therapy for your homeschooler. It might be physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or another therapy that you are using to help your child reach their potential.

We enjoyed our break and Miss K did some therapy aka football aka soccer. She went to three days of football skills. It is a local programme which has been very accommodating of her and has been so good for her. She was excited as she scored a goal the last day.

I do think I need to get her walking more. Maybe it is the fact that when I picked her up from ballet her first question is walk or drive. She wanted to know if she had to walk or if we had the car. She has also been seen to sit at the front window on a Tuesday morning when she knows we go to Bible study and moan if daddy took the car and that means we are walking. I have been going for a 30 minute walk every day maybe I need to have her do a regular walk each day.

I have been spending some time pondering Miss K and math really if you look through the blog you will see that is not a new challenge. So with that in mind this week we did some cognitive therapy things. She is working on a logic program (review coming later). I got out some of my Super Duper cards and we played some games.

I pulled out Auditory Memory for Short Stories and Auditory Memory for Details in Sentences card decks. We did a few but she likes to read and wants to read the card that the auditory practice was not there. I need to come up with some new ways to work on auditory skills.

I then got out the Conditional Following Directions deck and we had more fun with these.  There is a condition card like "is the sky blue" and if that is true you get a card that tells you something to do. Miss K had to cluck like a chicken. She liked those.

Then we had a session on working on push-ups. We need to work on upper body strength. I was reminded when we were at the playground and she could not do the monkey bars. So push-ups and walking on her hands was practiced to try to build up that strength.

I need another therapy planning session. Maybe I will find some time this weekend. It helps when I have options and things ready to go.

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