Sunday, April 12, 2015


One of the many signs of spring are the lambs in the fields. I have enjoyed driving along the country roads and seeing the lambs.

It was a beautiful day so Miss K and I set out on a walk to look at the lambs. We did stop at the playground first so she could have some fun.

This is not far from our house. You can see bits of the city in the background. I love living close to the city but at the same time close to the countryside.

We found a bench and just sat and enjoyed looking at the lambs.

Most of the fences are stone and as J said, the stone fences just have more character. I agree.

Here is one more photo. I hope in a way I never tire of seeing the lambs in the fields. I think spring is wonderful because it follows winter. Everything is bright and colourful after the winter.

It was a fun walk with Miss K. We enjoyed the lambs in the field and she enjoyed her ice cream treat when it was finished. We might need to find some more fields and take some more photos.

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