Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pancakes are Real

Today Miss K had a story in her reading comprehension book and one of the questions was about what is make-believe from the story. Here is Miss K's question and answer.

I tried to tell her that was wrong. I told her that mothers do make pancakes. I erased it for her to correct it. I told her that trees don't wear hats. She decided to mark both A and C. I guess I should make pancakes but really that is grandma's special treat.

It was requested while she was here. Thanks to Grandpa scanning the recipe and sending it to us we were able to enjoy Grandma's pancakes. The recipe comes from the Betty Crocker cookbook that is about 50 years old.

Here is Miss K ready to enjoy the chocolate chip pancakes. We had them twice while Grandma was here.

Maybe some day I will make pancakes to so that she knows that is it real that mothers make pancakes. I even have Grandma's recipe in my recipe notebook.

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