Friday, September 4, 2015

Week in Review - 4 September

It was back to school this week after taking last week off. The last week of August J was at House Party which is a week away for youth at church, Miss K was at dance camp (just days) and I had time with my husband and some time alone at home. So I had time to get all kinds of things ready for school this week.

The weather feels like autumn. Honestly, it has felt like that most of August. The local schools are back in session. I think all of that made it easier to be back in school this week.

We are continuing reading history together. We are in Mystery of History Vol IV. This week we read the American Revolution. Two lessons to cover all that. We did pause a bit and just create a bit of a timeline.

I like how he wrote it on small cards and we are able to include these in an envelope with all his summary cards. We also made some speech bubbles for some of the famous quotes from the American Revolution.

I felt like we could have spent so much more time on the American Revolution yet I do think we covered the highlights. We moved on to the French Revolution.

I am working through Art History -- I have a few resources and I am waiting for a few more to arrive next week. This week we made Greek urns from papier mache. I was impressed with the way they turned out. We do still need to paint them. I have more photos to share. It has been a great activity.

We were able to review our Italian with the paint that we purchased.

I have no clue how or why we got Italian paint but it is Crayola. 

J and K are both working on their individual things. I think we are going to need to pause and just work on some study skills with J. I know that is something that I needed to learn. We did a study skills book last winter but I think we need to work on how to do it. He is beginning high school work and studying for a test or quiz is a skill that he needs. 

Miss K got my phone this week and wanted to ask Siri to help with her math facts. That is resourceful and there might come a time that we will end up using a calculator but we are still going to work on math facts.

That about wraps up our week. I don't think we have much planned for this weekend. Just some things around the house before mom/grandma arrives next week. It will be her first visit. We just have to convince Miss K that grandma does not want a hot dog from the local hot dog place for some reason that is the one place she wants to take grandma. 

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  1. The maths on the phone made me laugh. We will have to make decisions about typing/spell checkers similarly, for one of ours, but are pressing on with writing and spelling for now.

  2. That's so funny that you ended up with the Italian Crayola package! :)



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