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Dig-It! Games Roman Town (iOS App) - TOS Review

Both of my child love electronic games. I love when I find electronic games that are also educational. That is a win for both of us. I was excited and J was as well to have an opportunity recently to review Dig-it! Games Roman Town.

Dig It! Games Review

Roman Town is the adventure of two children Fiona and Charlie as they explore Pompeii. You can pick which character but need to use both characters to play. All the time you are trying to find the clues. To find the clues you need to play mini-games to earn the clue.

Dig It! Games Review

The mini-games could be fun but also involved critical thinking like the game Code Breaker or Jigsaw puzzles. Some of the mini-games were similar to games from ancient Rome like Calculi which was like five in a row. Some of the games taught bits about ancient Rome like Artifact Identification or a Roman Numerals game.  J said, "even if you know Roman numerals this game is good if you already know them but also if you are just learning about them."

J has spent some time over the past few weeks playing this and trying to get all the clues. In order to get all the clues you need to ask the tourists and play the mini-games. At one point he thought he had finished it but discovered that he still needed to gather some more clues. He spent some more time and then to find the last of the clues it was completing sliding puzzles. I was impressed with how he stuck with the puzzles and worked on getting everything to slide into place so he could finish it.

J said it is good for those who do not know much about Rome. We have read numerous books and after our holiday trip this year I think J has a good understanding of ancient Rome. He didn't think there was much new for him.

J did like the way that the mini-games teach about ancient Rome. He will probably tell you that Knucklebones was his least favourite game and that is probably because it was just a chance game. He did say that this game was challenging. He did say that Pipes was his favourite game. Pipes is a game where you had to twist and turn the pipe segments so that it would all be connected. I played a number of the games as well. I like Concentration with the artefacts and it has a simple one and then a more difficult one.

I liked the critical thinking involved in some of the mini-games. I liked the brain building and memory that comes from playing Concentration. I like the bits of information about ancient Rome. This is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Dig It! Games Review
Code Breaker was one of J's favourite games.

Roman Town is an iOS App for an iPad. It requires iOS 8.0 or later in order to play the game. It is geared towards 9-13 age children. The game is free with the option for in-app purchases. Dig-It Games also has a computer based game, Mayan Mysteries.

Dig-It! Games Review

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