Sunday, August 9, 2015

July in Review

I know it is August 9th and I am now writing July in Review. I wrote May late because we had just returned from a trip. I didn't write one in June because we had just returned from a trip. I could use the same excuse in July but I think I might just need to do one even if it is late.

Our outing for July was Edinburgh and Lindisfarne. We enjoyed those family times together and the opportunity to see new and historical places. We also went to the church with the crooked spire.

I didn't finish any sewing projects in July. I still have 9 unfinished projects. I did start a new one yesterday but we will talk about that in August.

I had the goal of knitting once a month. I am afraid that has not happened. I need to find my needles.

I have been working on scrapbooking. I finished all the photos I have so it is time to order more. After I order the photos, I will keep busy. I need to print photos from Christmas to now. I did a Shutterfly book for Italy so I will just include a few photos in our books.

I was able to sell some of the homeschool things that we are finished with. That was part of cleaning out and having less things at the end of 2015. I still have two boxes here of things to get rid of. One of the things that I did buy this month was The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It might take a bit of courage to read the book. I also realise that there are some inner heart issues that need to change as I continue the reducing the amount of things that we have.

July was full of recovering from our family holiday, finishing the school year, sorting through school things, and traveling to see our friends. We didn't have time to have friends over for a meal. We are making plans for August.

We have been enjoying the long days and summer weather. We have done a few walks but not been hiking.

As we begin August, we are back to school. We need to get our days and finish our books before next summer so we can enjoy our home assignment.  Miss K has a week of football and a week of dance camp. J has house party with the youth from church. Pray it is a good social and spiritual time for him.

That is about all that happened in July.

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