Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Day in our School

In my perfect world we would start on time in the morning and quickly, diligently work through our learning. Pause mid-morning for hot drinks -- coffee, tea, or hot chocolate depending on what you prefer. Then finish and move on to quiet play, some chores, and just enjoy our day. Well, that perfect world does not exist but the world that does exist is the one I am trying to live in. A day in that world looks a bit like.

Miss K is an early riser so she is up when the sun comes up. I am thankful that the sun no longer comes up at 5:00. She is happy to play in her room. J is a teenager and would sleep until noon if allowed which he is not.

After breakfast and clean-up, we begin out time together. We do art today. One of the reasons for doing art first is that it gives the kids something to do while I read. Then on we read Bible and History together. I have Miss K listen in to both of these. It is interesting the things that she remembers. I have lowered her requirement. While J write a history sentence, she just writes the lesson title and something she remembers.

Usually by the time we are done with that Miss K is ready for a break. I pushed her a bit long the other day and she was falling apart and needed that break. I am learning that she needs breaks. So I am trying to plan breaks. Breaks could be something physical like jumping or stretching or just some time to work on a game or puzzle or just allow her to go on her own.

J keeps busy working on his things and often during Miss K's break he and I are reviewing things.

Maths is very hands on -- using coins, cubes, bears or treats. I have a variety of math manipulative and try to vary them to keep her interested. Maths is her struggle and so anything that I can do to help her learn maths is worth it.

Often after maths she is ready for another break. I wish we could just push through and be done but that doesn't work with her.

After that break, we work on reading, spelling, handwriting, and then finally science. Reading is a strong subject for her.

That about ends her learning time. I try to do some sort of therapy or art with her.

I have learned that working with her special needs, I need to be flexible, adaptable, give her lots of breaks, and have lots of variety. It does sometimes make it difficult for me and a long day but I love seeing her learn.

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