Monday, August 10, 2015

Week in Review - Back to School

Let's pretend it is Friday, 7 August. Forget the fact that the weekend past too quickly and I needn't get a chance to reflect on our week.

We began our school year this week. That would be the book part of our year. J did three days of gymnastics in July which will count towards school time. I also consider our time in Edinburgh as school time. This week we got out the books and started our year.

Here is my Plan Book all nice and neat at the beginning of the year. I am sure it will have rips and stains by the end of the year. I still love the feel of my paper planner.

I make it pretty inside with washi and using my markers. Miss K brought me some flowers at the end of the day.

We are slowly getting back into our books. We started Mystery of History Volume IV beginning with Bach and Handel. It is interesting the details Miss K remembers. She remembered that Bach had 20 children.

After our summer holiday and seeing some of the artwork along the way, I was inspired to spend some time studying art history. We started this week with cave painting. I will share more of that later. At this time it is just a learn and discover together course.

J spent some time building a marble course. He said that the hot glue gun worked fine for this. It is quite an impressive marble run. I remember a marble track I had growing up. It was a small one that my dad had made. My grandparents had a much larger one.

It was a beginning and we took it slow this week. We will add some more things into our days over the next few weeks.

I am cropping a friend's allotment so we are enjoying red currants, raspberries, courgettes, beans, and the black berries are just beginning to ripen.

We are enjoying the bits of summer. The kids had water balloons out the other day. We had ice cream at the park.

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