Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 2 - 14 August 2014

This is week 2 of school. It was a bit of a different week in that Miss K had football camp for three mornings. Yes, Miss K was at football camp. (Remember here soccer is called football.) I know you were picturing sweet petite Miss K with shoulder pads and a helmet going out there and tackling someone. No, it wasn't that kind of football.

I did walk to pick her up on Thursday and we enjoyed a nice walk home. Well, I did, she needed a few breaks along the way and a drink from the shop.

For some reason (I think it might be from Mary Poppins) seeing chimneys feels like England. This was one of the views as we walked home.

We wandered past the pharmacy and looked in the window. They had a display of old things.

We have been home while various others go on holiday so we have gotten the mail, watered a garden, cropped and allotment, and next week we will feed a cat. We went on holiday before the schools were out. Here are the beans that I got from the allotment. I also got some red currants, raspberries, a few black berries and courgettes also known as zucchini.

I have been walking with J as he delivered newspapers filling in for others on holiday. We had to avoid the slugs one morning.

There is lots of road resurfacing in our area. When it is finished the roads are nice and smooth and until then we are dealing with roads closed, diversions, and loud noises.

I am enjoying the flowers on our walks. The gardens are beautiful.

We did a bit of school. J kept up with most of his things this week. We are still getting the feel for the new things we are doing this year. J is doing some high school work and so it is an adjustment. He is using DIVE for two classes. I like it for him but I don't know how much he is enjoying it. We have moved up in our writing and that is a bit of a challenge as we get the flow of the new book.

Another sign of where we live -- a Mini. It looks like an older one.

That wraps up our week.

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