Monday, August 17, 2015

A Walk on the Moor

On Saturday afternoon we went for a walk with some friends from church. It was just a short drive and then a long walk. I love the area where we live with the sheep in the fields. We walk through the fields just next to the sheep. Miss K was trying to scare the sheep and was told to yell, "mint sauce". 

There was a goose wandering along as well.

This might not be the best photo and you are probably looking at it wondering why I even bothered to include it but it has some meaning. This is North Lees which is the inspiration for Thornfield Hall, Mr. Rochester's house in Jane Eyre.

I discovered that there is a literary tour in that area from Jane Eyre to a scene in Pride and Prejudice to Robin Hood.

Here is the view of the church as we walked that way. We started up in the field and the village was the halfway point of our walk.

We were getting closer to the church and that meant closer to the cafe for our tea or coffee and some flapjack.

Before the cafe we stopped by Little John's grave. Little John is buried here.

We had our snack and then walked back to the car. We drove home and had to avoid the sheep in the road.

I live in the most beautiful part of England. I love being so close to places where we can go for walks and enjoy the beauty around us.

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