Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Preparations

We re taking a break from school and enjoying the holiday season as well as doing some things that we have not had time to do some deep cleaning and organising. 

I did take some time to make some cookies. I pulled out my Betty Crocker Cooky Book from when I was a child. I did notice the spelling of cookie. I guess that is how it was spelled when I was a kid. 

I made a batch of Russian Teacakes and then it was decided that one batch was not enough so another batch was made.

Today I made peanut butter blossoms.

The Hershey Kisses were special delivered all the way from PA. Thank you, Pastor Bob for bringing them when you came to visit. Thank you to my helper who unwrapped them and didn't eat any which is a miracle. That girls loves her chocolate.

I want to make some cutouts. Tomorrow I need to make my Swedish Tea ring and some desserts for Christmas Day.

We were given an artificial tree this year.

I enjoy ornaments from our travels. Two new ones that were added this year. The Scottish bag pipe player is from out trip to Scotland.

This was purchased at the shop near the York Minster. It is a great reminder of York and the York Minster one of our favourite places to visit.

The nativity reminds us of the true meaning of the season. I enjoyed listening to Miss K as she told the Christmas story with this set.

We are enjoying the season. Happy Christmas to you.

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  1. A belated Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for the photo and note!



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