Friday, April 2, 2010

Keeping up with Miss K

Some days I think it might be easier to keep up with the Jones but around here we try to keep up with Miss K and keep her out of trouble.

K, don't eat the butter.

She loves butter. She eats toast just to get the butter and licks the butter off. She likes noodles with butter. She was caught the other day after she reached up grabbed the butter dish and started to eat.

We found hair next to the scissors on her desk.

Hey, she used regular scissors which is good, right.

She gave her baby a bath - sorry no picture of the soaking wet doll. The good thing was she did take off the doll's dress before giving her a bath. Now the doll is drying out in the sun.

We took a week off of school for spring break and soccer camp but we are still trying to keep up with Miss K. She keeps us laughing and enjoying life.

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