Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Resurrection Cookies

This is for my friend who asked if I made the cookies with my children. I am trying to remember if I made them with her children? Hudson, Grant, Stuart, Emily -- did I make these with you? I remember making them with Emilee when she was 3.

The instructions are easy to find online.

First, you beat the pecans. My Nana used to make these cookies at Christmas with chocolate chips and she would make them red or green. I loved those cookies. I don't think anyone makes them the way Nana did and there are a few things that Nana made that no one else could make -- rice and mushrooms, crumb cake. Back to our cookies. They beat the pecans and had fun doing it. That is to remind them that Christ was beat for us.

Then we did everything else and mixed the ingredients.

He actually got tired of holding it and let me hold it for a bit.

Then we put them in the tomb - I mean oven and they stayed overnight.

I did give them cookies for breakfast.

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