Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Zoo

We have a zoo membership. It has been nice since we live about 15 minutes from the nations first zoo. We went this morning with grandpa and grandma. With the membership I don't feel like I have to see everything in one day. A few hours and we can have fun. It is fun to take my children to the zoo where I went when I was there age. I asked my mom if she has any pictures of me at the zoo. No pictures but there might be some slides. I do remember that there was Noah's ark in the children's zoo. That is gone now and just a pond to feed the ducks.

For the next couple of months there are lego animals around the zoo. There are cards that you collect from the various places. It was fun to see the animals that they made with Legos. J decided he needs more Legos.

The kids had fun feeding the goats and the ducks. I was proud of J he brought his own money to feed the ducks and he even thought of it before we left home. We got to the monkeys as they were being fed and that was fun to watch but the pictures weren't that good as it was dark and behind glass. I think the most fascinating thing that we saw was the peacock working his hardest to attract the female. He tried and tried and shook his feathers.

It was even interesting to see him from the side.

It was a fun morning. Thanks G&G for joining us.

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