Thursday, April 1, 2010

I served cupcakes for dinner

not for dessert but for the main course.

I called the family to dinner and they had egg in a hole.

I don't think that really fooled them but they did enjoy the fact that they could eat that first. Then they had a cupcake. A few minutes into the egg in a hole J figured out that wasn't icing. He remembered that I bought mashed potatoes at the store. He did tell me "mama, that was good." referring to the fact that I was able to fool them.

Happy April Fool's.

Enjoy your cake. This recipe and idea was on Family Fun's website.


  1. So, what was everything? I can figure out some of it, but not all.....

  2. The cupcakes were meatloaf with mashed potato icing. The egg is a hole was pound cake with a peach half and whipped cream. They didn't really look as real.



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