Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama , you were right . . .

Aghh, what wonderful words to a mama. I wanted to just pause and let those words soak in or ask him to repeat them so I could hear it just one more time. I was going to yell a wild "yes" but decided that instead I should probably just ask, "about, what?".

"You were right. If you have a good attitude, things go better."

Wow! I didn't know what to think. Things are sinking in. He is listening and learning.

We were driving to meet friends for lunch and had just past the craft store and pet store. He told me, "when we went to get fish food, I complained but now I have a good attitude and the trip went fast so you are right. If you have a good attitude, things go better."

Just a week or so ago we had gone to get fish food and he had complained the whole way about how far it was -- it was just about 3 miles away. Today we were driving that same way and this comment came from his mouth.

I did put aside all my gloating and just reaffirmed that yes that is right we do want to have a good attitude.

It was a proud mama moment.


  1. Wise words from momma to son! So excited that they are sinking in!

  2. Oh, wow. This is so encouraging, isn't it? Rejoicing with you. (I probably need you to tell me this a few times too. My attitude often needs adjustments.)



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