Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everyday Things - Coffee

I love coffee. I did not grow up in a coffee drinking family. It was something happened when I became an adult. My husband loves coffee with me. Around our house one word can be a question, "coffee". To which the other person replies, "I will fix it."

In 1998 I remember when Starbucks arrived in Taiwan. I also remember taking my husband there for coffee. It was soon after we met and near where I lived. He had lived in Seattle so it was a treat to go to Starbucks. I remember visiting Hong Kong when there were just a few Starbucks. A friend and I searched to find one. Now they are on almost every street corner or so it seems. Just before we moved there was one at the other end of the area where we lived.

I like Starbucks but I love Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which I found in Singapore. We had a few in Taiwan for a short time. Honestly, I like Seattle's Best better than Starbucks.

Normally, I just make it at home. Right now I am waiting for a replacement coffee maker. Hopefully, it will come in the mail soon. This one just shuts off.

I have children that love coffee. J will drink coffee milk which means decaf coffee with lots of milk. Miss K has a coffee habit that got started when Starbucks would give her a babycinno for free. Now when she see Starbucks, she says, "coffee". I am teaching my children to love what I love and enjoy the finer things in life.

That is an old picture of Miss K enjoying coffee in Beijing.

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  1. I had been considering giving J a try of coffee to see if it helps him focus. I hadn't decided yet, when last week he asked for a taste. I gave him just a sip and he did not like it at all. Guess the decision was made for me.



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