Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Norman Rockwell - Living in Art

I finally got around to taking the kids to the Norman Rockwell display. I had to do it this week as it closes here on Sunday. I had grand plans of reading the book that I had bought prior to our visit but we didn't get that done. I did give J two coffee table books that I had ordered from half.com to look at this morning.

We walked into the mall while the exhibition was and saw this.

The look on his face was one of those homeschool moments, those times that remind you that this is why you are doing what you do every day. He was excited. He had seen that in the book. We then headed for the exhibition after stopping at the Lego store which I didn't know was there (we must not get out much).

We walked in and the first thing we saw was this. I have to say that the kids really felt like they were walking into the art. I think J as much as said that on the way home. He walked right up and looked at this.

There was a Model T there that the kids could sit on. J was excited that when he turned the steering wheel, the wheels moved. I think both kids enjoyed the school area. I did laugh a bit because those desks are very much like the ones that the kids use for school.

J did pose with the teacher.

I think the soda foundation was one of my favorite places. I just loved the way the kids could sit right there as if they were part of the picture.

Miss K really wanted the cookies. She kept going back to that and then she put her hand in the milk.

At the end they had a display of all the Saturday Evening Post covers that Norman Rockwell painted. I gave J the camera and told him to take a picture of his favorite one. I was a bit surprised at the one he took a picture of. I thought he would have picked a sports one or maybe one he had seen in a book but this is what he picked.

Miss K was begging, "my turn" and so I gave her the camera. I did have to turn the camera away from her face and this is what she picked.

It was a fun afternoon worth the $5.00 that it cost me to get in. It really did bring art to life and was worth it. Now we will read our book.

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