Monday, March 8, 2010

Adventures in the Kitchen

I am working to be a bit more organized in the kitchen. There are a number of things in that "more organized" category one of which is making some freezer meals. I don't really plan to do the once a month cooking but have found that it is nice to have some meals in the freezer for days when I don't feel like cooking or have a million other things to do. The other thing that I like doing is finding good deals. This week one of the stores had split chicken breasts on sale $1/pound. I got a pack 5 split breasts for $4.78.

The other new love and thrill that I have is requesting books online from the library. I sit in my comfy chair with my laptop and see what books I can find. One of my recent books was Once a month cooking. I sat down with that and made a list of ground beef, beef, chicken, and pork recipes that I thought we would like. So with my 4.78 pounds of chicken and the cookbook from the library I was ready to see what I could make and add to the freezer.

First, I had to cook the chicken. I decided to try something new to me -- cooking them in the crockpot. I put all 5 in, added a bit of water and turned it on high. That was about 10:00 this morning. See how they fit.

They were cooked by 5:00. So this evening I made double batches of Sweet & Sour chicken. It tasted good when I tasted it. I didn't add double the water chestnuts mainly to save the expense of 2 cans. It was easy except for the fact that I used sliced pineapple instead of chunks and used my new ceramic knife to cut them while holding them  and let me tell you that knife is sharp. No stitches were needed but I did decide that I should use a cutting board.

I also made a double batch of Chicken a 'la king.

This recipe was also from the Once a Month cookbook. I did just add a whole jar of pimientos. The recipe called for a tablespoon. I dumped the whole jar in because what was I going to do with some leftovers.

Now I have 4 meals in the freezer. I am not showing you a picture of my freezer because it is packed. I was a bit scared that I wouldn't be able to get these meals in there but I did.

So after today's adventure I would cook the chicken in the crockpot again.

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