Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dinner becomes part of school

One of the advantages of homeschooling is I know exactly what J is studying. That is fun because then outside of school time I can reinforce the learning. That happened last week and I didn't really even plan it. We did plan Yanni's which is our favorite Greek restaurant in Seattle. It is only open for dinner and so we kept an evening free so we could go there. I think it was the first time J had Greek food. He noticed the columns and some of the other Greek pictures because we have been studying the Greeks.

We had some yummy food.

Miss K would just reach across the table and grab a piece of pita. That girl loves bread.

If you are looking for a good Greek restaurant in Seattle I do recommend Yanni's.

Right now we are studying flight. Maybe I can serve nothing for dinner as that is what they do on the airplanes -- nope, I don't think that will work.

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