Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field Trip

One of the fun things about homeschooling is the fun field trips you get to have. Some just happen like the day we had doctor appointments, waiting, and a trip to Costco to which J says "that was a field trip". Sure we can call it a field trip. Today was a bit unplanned but fun. The Pacific Science Center. It was raining (I know that is just about every day here) and so we decided to go there. The kids had fun.

There was a nice salt water tide area where the kids could put their hands in and touch things.

It reminded me of the morning years ago that I spent with my friend, Ruth, and her family on the beach during low tide and we were able to see all kinds of sea creatures that you normally don't see.

I think she is dancing with the planets. J and mama went to see the 3-D Hubble telescope movie but we figured Miss K would not enjoy it. She was with daddy and found the tots area and was happy as could be.

It was a fun time and when we came out it stopped raining. Yeah! Now if we could get some warmer weather I would be much happier. It is cold here.

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