Friday, August 20, 2010

A Viking Map and why I like Winter Promise

One of the reasons that I selected Winter Promise was because of the hands on activities. I enjoy things with paper. (I remember as a child getting old forms and things from where my grandfather worked and playing office.) I think the hands on activities is one more way to reinforce the learning. I think it gives something visual that to show what you did and learned.

I also chose Winter Promise because of the book selection. J decided he wanted to study American History. His cousins were studying that last year and he had spent some afternoons there while they were doing history. I liked the selection of books that Winter Promise offered and felt it would give me a foundation and the basis that we need.

Now that we are using Winter Promise I discovered that I like the four day schedule. We still do school five days but that fifth day is catch or extra books that we had in. We are moving from the Vikings to Christopher Columbus next week and I have a feeling that we will be staying there a bit longer as I have a few extra books to read some are books that we have and some are books we got from the library. I am sure as we move through US history that we will use that extra day for field trips as there is so much here to do and see.

There are a few things that I don't like but since this is about why I like Winter Promise I won't list them now.

Here is the Viking Map that he finished.

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