Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to school sewing

I found this easy tutorial and decided I had fabric that I could use. I one or two last year but they had plastic and velcro. They weren't that easy to make and I didn't like the way they looked so we didn't use them. I made about 15 of these snack bags and they are now in the drawer waiting for co-op day when we have to pack a lunch because of our schedule.

I will tell you that if you put a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich in a light blue bag, eat the sandwich but leave the bag in the car for a few days there might be some stains. I just throw them in the washer.

Since sandwiches don't really fit in there that well, I made sandwich wraps. I might have seen this online but honestly don't remember. I made one last year and added some more this year. The wrap also can be a napkin.

I made four one for each of us.

The sandwich shown doesn't fill the wrap the way that our sandwiches made of homemade bread do. That was just for display purposes.

I did need to buy some boy fabric for these. The male population didn't want to use flowers all the time.

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