Friday, August 20, 2010

My new crockpot

I was trying to remember what year I got the crockpot. I know it was a Christmas gift could have been 1989 or maybe 1993. It was a gift from my parents. Maybe I should go look through old Christmas pictures and see what year. Either way it is old maybe 21 years old or just 17 years. Doesn't it have the 80's look.

I have heard people talk about chalkboard paint. The idea to paint my crockpot with chalkboard paint comes from someone else on the internet who had the exact same crockpot. I bought primer because that is what the chalkboard paint said to do and also the engineer in the house told me to do that. Primer and two coats of chalkboard paint gave me this new crockpot.

We can write the daily special like "soup of the day chicken" or messages like "I like soup." which J wrote. I wonder if it would help spelling if we did spelling practice here.

I like it. It is fun. I still have quite a bit of chalkboard paint so I am thinking of my next project -- a big picture frame with glass.


  1. What a GREAT idea! Once you go to a potluck, everyone will be doing it!

  2. You are right -- that would be great for a potluck because I can write on the side what is inside. I didn't even think about that.

  3. Oh my word. Yes, it's 80's all the way. I HAD ONE LIKE THAT. Nothing I have is really old, though. We move too much. Sigh...

    Love your re-do. That chalkboard paint is wonderful.



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