Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Old Fashioned Picnic

I decided that we needed to have a picnic this summer. Then I decided that it should be an old fashioned picnic with fried chicken. Yes, I fried it. I had to find an old cookbook to get the recipe. I used the old or maybe I should say original Mennonite Cookbook. It really was easy and I think it tasted good.

I made potato salad, sliced cucumbers from our garden, and chocolate cupcakes. This is my mom's recipe which is my favorite.

We had the food and so we needed to head out. Our destination was Valley Forge. I remember going there as a child; my brothers say it is just a place with lots of little cabins. I enjoyed taking my family there. We saw some deer.

We saw so many that we lost count. The deer know it is a National Park and that they are safe there.

We enjoyed our picnic.

It was finger food. The poor child lives with a mama who does not allow him to eat his drumsticks with his fingers unless it is fried and never serves fried chicken.

It really didn't take long for that cupcake to disappear.

We then walked around a bit before dark when the park closes.

Miss K loves trying out beds.

It was a fun evening and a family memory.

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