Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Matching pj's that they were able to open on Christmas Eve. I had told them they could open one gift on Christmas Eve knowing that I would give them pj's. J asked if it could please not be something to build. After opening that gift, Miss K was ready to start on the rest of the gifts under the tree but we told her she had to wait until the morning.J asked why we wrap things in the stocking and I told him next year I might not do that. I know the debate about wrapping or not wrapping stocking gifts.

I was excited about my gift.

I had to check and make sure it worked. It works and I am enjoying coffee.

We finished up and then headed to see grandparents. Notice the smile Miss K gave.

We stopped to see Grandma/Great Grandma depending on who you ask.

Then it was to Grandma's house and visit with cousins.

Yes, there are boys there and there is one boy missing. I have 3 brothers. My father has 1 brother. My grandfather was one of 5 boys. Boys run in the family.

It was a fun day with family.

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