Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Preparations

We are having fun with Christmas preparations.

We made gift tags. Mama did recruit help for this activity.

I don't think these gift tags are going to be displayed in any magazine but the children enjoyed it and we do have gift tags.

We decorated our Christmas tree. It is a real tree. After years of living overseas, we enjoy a real tree and the wonderful smell.

The pickle was hidden in the tree.

We have had Christmas programs -- Miss K's preschool, AWANA, and Church.

We decorated our gingerbread houses. It is a tradition at Grandma's house. We use up all the candy from all the other holidays and have fun.

Miss K really did stick with the decorating and was quite pleased with her house. I will also add that she did consume some of the candy in the process.

We have baked cookies and eaten cookies so time to back some more.

We enjoyed a Christmas walkthrough program with some friends.

We mailed our cards except for a few that I need to mail.

I have been busy sewing. I would post pictures but I do think that some of my family reads my blog. Maybe if they ask, I will give a sneak preview.

I have finished my shopping and still have a few things to wrap.

We have read some of the Jesse Tree readings and enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree.

We just have 2 links left on our paper chain.


1 comment:

  1. Miss K looks adorable with her gingerbread house!

    My cards are all in the mail - this is big progress for me!



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