Monday, December 20, 2010

Easy Banner

I was tired and bored with all the Christmas gifts that I have been working on for weeks and weeks. I think at times I have project ADD. So the other day I decided to make a banner. I got out the scraps from J's bed quilt. I have already used some scraps for a smaller quilt which is on the stack of things that need to be quilted. So from the scraps I was able to make this banner.

I got the pattern from here. I did this the easy way just one layer of fabric and used pinking shears. It does give a nice addition to his room.


  1. I love making banners! I made banners for both of my boys' rooms but I haven't put them on my blog because they spell out their names. :)

  2. I did see your paper banner. I am ready to make my next banner.



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