Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cormorant Fishing

After going to the market we went on a small boat on the Erhai lake and saw the fishermen fishing with cormorants. I couldn't believe we agreed to going on a small boat with Miss K. She is not always one to sit still.

Only two or three months a year are they able to fish using nets. most of the time they can only use cormorants. There are six families in the village with cormorants.

We went in a boat next to the fisherman and his wife.

The birds are able to dive about 25 meters. They have a straw tied around their necks. They are able to swallow the small fish but the larger ones they bring up to the fisherman.

We watched the cormorants dive for some time wondering if we would see them actually catch a large fish. We learned that if they are gathered together and fighting that they have caught a larger fish. The one who brings up the fish gets a treat.

This was a highlight of trip. We have heard about cormorant fishing but to actually see it in person was quite interesting. In Guilin they also fish with cormorants at night with lanterns.

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