Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss K

Her birthday was actually a week ago and I am finally catching up.

7 Years old - where has the time gone? Her birthday was probably the longest day of her life. It was longer than 24 hours.

We started the day early with coffee at the airport.

Starbucks in Hong Kong gives steamed milk to children and will sometimes even put a smiley face on the top. Miss K calls it coffee. Three years ago we took her our for coffee on her birthday.

After coffee we said "good-bye" to Hong Kong and boarded a flight to Narita. Our flight left late and we didn't have a long layover. We ran to the gate and saw our plane but the gate was closed. Then we started our sit-in waiting for something to happen. We just sat on a bench and waited. Finally, they put us on a 9:30 pm flight to Honolulu. We got there around 10:00 am still on her birthday.

Here are the kids in Honolulu.

They each picked up a brochure of something to do in Honolulu. Only we weren't there long enough to do anything except check our luggage and get boarding passes and then sit at the gate.

Yes, my kids wore long sleeves in Hawaii.

We then went to SFO. It was still her birthday. We had time there to get two loaves of sour dough bread at 9:30 at night we called that dinner.

We got home and it was no longer her birthday. Miss K has been looking forward to her birthday for months. Her birthday was not over until she had cake. She has good taste and wanted a chocolate cake. Her  daddy and brother felt sorry for her and made a chocolate cake while mama tried to recover from two night flights. We had cake. We had to work to keep her awake for her cake.

She wanted her cousins to celebrate so we do that a few days later. She was so excited.

It took a few blows.

She put her head back to get a big breath.

She was happy with the celebration and her birthday is over.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Miss K! I'd like to go to Honolulu and get chocolate cake for my birthday...maybe I need to come live at your house. :-)



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