Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hong Kong

We had four people and three cameras in China for a week. I think together we took 2000 pictures. We got back to Hong Kong and it seemed that we put the cameras away. Maybe because we have already taken over 5,000 pictures in Hong Kong over the years. That comes from having lived there for a few years.

The weather wasn't the best when we were there -- heavy rainstorms which makes being out in the city difficult. The last day we were there the weather was nice around lunch so we decided to ride the ferry. That was the one thing J wanted to do. I wanted to go to Pret A Manger for lunch so we did both. J asked if IFC had an observation deck. Daddy told him it did and if it was free we could go up. I am thinking, "guess we won't be going up there." Well, on the 55th floor there is an observation area and it is free. We did need to show photo ID which was not a problem as we were carrying our passports. On the 55th floor was the Monetary Authority display/museum. It was interesting to see some of the old money and also some of the processes that it goes through. Some of the money now is plastic.

The only camera we had with us was the iTouch so these pictures were taken with that.

It wasn't the clearest of days but we enjoyed looking out and seeing the city.

The view is all in the back of the building which means that you can't see the harbor.

We did look at the money displays and learned that money is printed where we used to live.

We were all the way on the 55th floor.

It was free; it was something new and it was fun.

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