Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celebrating Miss K's 9th Birthday

Her actual birthday is the 12th but we decided that since we are here and with friends that we would celebrate on the 4th. She was so excited about her birthday. I think she was having a hard time going to sleep a few nights as she was waiting for that birthday.

We had presents after dinner. She was excited and said she wanted 100 presents. At times before her birthday she had told J, daddy and mama what we were each to give her for her birthday. If you would ask her what she wanted she would say, "toys".

Her gifts were wrapped individually so she had lots to open.

She opened it and said, "I love it." Miss K loves life.

She did have quite a bit to unwrap.

My friend where we are staying this week claimed that she had an ice cream cake recipe that you could make in 15 minutes. I didn't time her but did watch and it really is fast and so much cheaper than buying a cake. Miss K was spoiled. Her favorite kind of ice cream is chocolate chip and so the ice cream cake was two layers of chocolate chip ice cream.

Birthdays in Miss K's book include cake, party hats and balloons. We had some fireworks, pop-its at the house and she thought those were the games. That works for us.

She had a wonderful celebration. As I put her to bed she told me, "soon I will be 10." She knows that 10 comes after 9 but considering that technically she is not even 9 I think she has a ways to go before she turns 10.

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  1. Beautiful birthday girl. I love her outlook on birthdays. And chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream, too.



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