Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Museum of Flight

It was a hot day and so we needed some place to go that had air conditioning. We decided to go to the Museum of Flight. That worked great at J had just mentioned the other day that he would like to go back there. J loves airplanes and everything flying and still wants to be a pilot.

We decided a membership would be a better. Two trips in a year will get us our money's worth. There are also a number of other museums in the area that we can visit.

"If it is not Boeing, I am not going." 

There was a small area of a space exhibit. 

Miss K met an astronaut. It was a posed photo.  Someday I will get good photos of her.

J also met an astronaut.

It was a beautiful day here in the Northwest. It seems that no matter how long I am here I always love seeing Mount Rainier. I think some of that is because we don't see the mountain everyday.

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