Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marina Bay

The kids had an outing today while we were in meetings. We were learning all kinds of useful things that we need to know -- don't ask me right now because I can't remember the morning sessions. The kids went to Marina Bay. I have never been there but learned why. It has been five years since I was last here and Marina Bay is a new area built within the last five years.

I asked Miss K about her outing. She went on an outing and listed all her friends that went with her. She told me she rode the bus to the city and the Ferris wheel. These three buildings have a boat like structure on the top.

Here is the Ferris wheel. This is one of the world's biggest Ferris Wheels. I am wondering if this is the latest thing for big cities to have a Ferris wheel.

Here is the city that she was talking about. She is a city girl who gets excited when she sees the tall buildings.

Here is Miss K. I did not get a good description of what she was standing in front of. Some artificial rock made from stainless steel and it was made in Beijing.

They also saw the Merlion which is a symbol of here.

The photos are some of what J took. The text primarily came from Miss K with some input from J. So that is what the kids did this morning.

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