Friday, July 19, 2013

Going to the beach

This afternoon had a fun time planned. We went to the beach as a group. We had some time to play in the sand and water.

When Miss K got up this morning she brought her swimsuit and t-shirt to me wanting to get dressed. She knew we were going to the beach. Miss K had talked all morning about wanting to build a sandcastle.

She did sit and dig for quit a bit.

J was in the water and swam to a little island out there. It was all part of the beach that was created there. The area was empty except for our group.

The water was warm almost too warm to be in. It felt like a bathtub. I am surprised how much Miss K enjoyed it. She wandered out quite a bit but then got attached to daddy.

J dug and dug a hole. Then he climbed in.

It was a fun afternoon. We then went to a food court for dinner. We had noodles that were hand cut and lime juice.

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  1. Water almost too warm to swim in...I can't imagine. I grew up in San Diego for many years and no matter what time of year, the water was shockingly cold. Many new adventures and what a blessing for all of you.



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