Friday, June 20, 2014

H is for House to Home and Hospitality

The big event this week was the arrival of our stuff precious belongings. I don't know how many boxes we received. We packed these boxes more than 16 months ago. When we packed them, we didn't think they would sit in storage that long.

This is what the lounge looked like partly through unpacking.

The kids are enjoying finding all their toys, books. Bob found a world map puzzle that he received for Christmas 2012 and we packed it a month later. He had forgotten he got it so it was like Christmas again. They also found their Christmas pi's from 2012 and wore them to bed (our nights are cool enough).

I discovered I have a lot of fabric. I have enough school supplies to last until the kids are finished school. I guess it is time to get busy and sew.

Now we are working to make the house our home. I know you probably were hoping for a house tour but that will have to come a bit later once the boxes are unpacked.

We have truly been blessed by the people we are meeting here. On Sunday we sat next to a lady at church and started talking. Her daughter is working at the church plant of our church in Hong Kong. She heard we were getting our shipment on Tuesday and so she invited us for dinner on Tuesday. We had a delicious fish pie, a traditional British dish. We are thankful for her hospitality.

Miss K explored the air raid shelter in the back garden.


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